Treasures in the Darkness

I was sitting in the church the other morning.
I’m often there alone and seldom turn on the lights
just for myself. There is a good amount of sunshine
that makes its way into the room.

Before I began Morning Prayer I sat still, quiet.
Reflecting on the crucifix and statues of saints that flank the altar,
I noticed something I’d not seen before.
There is a gold outline on the robes of the saints.
With only a reflection of sunlight they became so obvious.
In the full light they blended in with the rest of the statue.

It made me think of the treasures God reveals to us when things
in our spiritual life are dark. We don’t see the blessings in
the full light of our daily lives … sometimes every thing around us
needs to be a little dark before we can really see the beauty
that is always with us.

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