Gaining knowledge about God is essential to Spiritual growth. So is reading Scripture on a regular basis. But I have also found spiritual exercises that have push me to learn and experience more!

Reading engages only part of me. I need to be engaged with as many senses as possible, I believe this is where the best learning takes place.

It brings me joy to share resources I have found along my spiritual journey. Resources that will engage you on many levels. Enjoy these tools and gems of the spiritual life. Feel free to email me with specific needs or questions.

Exercise — Developing a Rule of Life
Great contemplative exercise for planning out a new way to live, a life based on a Rule – objectifying your spiritual goals.

Exercise — Reflection, Organizing the Past Year
“There are years that ask questions and there are years that answer.” This creative exercise is designed to provide a tangible way to reflect on the last year, or season in life.

Exercise — The Centering Prayer
This exercise can be utilized anywhere. I have done it during by break at work. It is similar to “mindfulness” in its focus, but in the Centering Prayer we practice being in the presence of God without external distractions. We don’t call out, “Lord be present” rather “Lord help me to be aware of your presence.”