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HOLY WEEK ZOOM RETREAT – Living Through Suffering 
Three Sessions 9:00 am – 11:30 am
Monday – Wednesday
March 29 – 31 

Using the events of the last few days of Christ’s life as the outline, these sessions will examine Christ’s betrayal, suffering, and death.

Lisa will begin each session with a short reflection and participants will be released with a contemplative activity designed to facilitate a creative space for the Holy Spirit to direct each participant. Quiet activities will be completed as a group with open Zoom windows and sacred music playing during the quiet. The group will regather with discussion to share their discoveries. This time of sharing will allow us to be connected although separated.

The exercises seek to inform our own struggles in difficult relationships, unstable health, confusing times of uncertainty, and the search for that elusive thing called hope

All suffering finds its redemption in Christ’s suffering. As we watch God take something terrible, like Christ’s betrayal, torture, and crucifixion, and bring something good from it, we are reminded that He is able to bring something good out of our sufferings too. And through this we find hope and freedom from the despairing that our struggles are meaningless.

The events of Holy Week remind us that our lives are really about Eternity.  So often we get caught up in the here-and-now, that we forget that this life is really all about the next. The issues and struggles we have now, are all catalysts for internal work, preparing us for Eternity.

The first session, held on Monday, will focus on Maundy Thursday. This day calls us to “watchfulness” as we journey through confusing events. The second session, held on Tuesday, will look at Good Friday. Christ’s obedience and submission give us an example to follow. And finally, on Wednesday, we will explore, Holy Saturday. In this day of imposed rest, we learn to live in the tension of anxiety and trust. The sessions will act as a primer for these Holy Days as they approach later in the week.

Although a Zoom retreat is not perfect, it still gives us the opportunity to seek God’s comfort and direction during changing times. Join us for this unique opportunity to take in the lessons of Holy Week.

(Please note: Participants will be asked to plan ahead for solitude during the retreat times. Without the luxury of going TO the Abbey creating a plan for uninterrupted time will be essential to entering into a sacred space. Participants will also need to collect materials before the sessions. An email will be sent to help you prepare for our time together.)

Cost for this retreat:  $90 for all 3 session

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