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Beginning Again
Saturday, January 6, 2024
9 am – 4 pm

In His Divine Providence, God made provision for beginnings in our lives. Birthdays, anniversaries, seasons, cycles – all examples of beginnings. The month of January brings with it the opportunity to begin again.

Perhaps 2023 presented you with trials and heartaches. Perhaps it was a year of triumphs and milestones. Regardless of how the year played out, it is important not to move forward too quickly. The whole of our experiences are part of this journey of life.

Join us for this annual retreat. Take the opportunity to reflect on how God was at work in your life last year, and anticipate how He will be present to you in the coming year. A gentle day of Reflection and Anticipation. Short reflections and directed quiet activities will be given by the presenter. The Abbey gardens and grounds provide the perfect setting for contemplation. Rest, reflect, and anticipate, knowing that God, who was with you in the past year, will be with you in the coming year as well.

Cost for this retreat is $55 which includes breakfast coffee, tea, and pastries as well as lunch.

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September 27 – 29, 2024
Check in Friday 3:00 pm – With conclusion Sunday at 2:30 pm

Death is never easy. We all struggle to make sense of it. It is difficult to process because we aren’t designed to die. We were designed to live at peace in a garden, forever.

The promises of Eternal Life are found throughout the Scripture. This retreat will allow you the time and space to contemplate these promises. Come, rest, and think on eternal things. Process in a safe place, allowing the truth of Scripture to inform your thoughts about death.

Spiritual Director and Retreat Leader, Lisa Marion, first experienced the sting of death at the age of 9, when her grandmother was violently murdered. An event that forever changed the dynamics in her family and their lives. Since that time, she has buried her mother, two uncles, an aunt, a niece, her husband, and countless friends.

Well acquainted with death and the process one must journey through to find peace, join Lisa in this uniquely restful opportunity. Whether you’re struggling with processing the death of a loved one, or your own death, come and find answers in God’s promises. Please note, during this retreat, Lisa will be available for private Spiritual Direction.

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