Spiritual Direction

Are you struggling with: 

Finding Balance in Life
Difficult Life Transitions
God’s Will
Mourning Loss of any Kind
Major Decisions

These are all things worked on in Spiritual Direction. No topic is off limits, everything is open for review: prayer, work, family life, interests, leisure, relationships, fantasies and fears, hopes and disappointments.

What is Spiritual Direction?

Although Spiritual Direction has been around for – well for, forever, is new to many people.

It is similar to counseling, but not the same. You meet with a therapist for mental health, to work on your relationships with other people. You meet with a Spiritual Director for spiritual heath, to work on your relationship with God.

Spiritual Direction is Personal and Private.

It is a privileged and confidential relationship between two people traveling the same road. One of the travelers is just a bit further down the road.

Spiritual Direction is really about listening. I listen to you, and I listen to God on your behalf. My job is to mirror how God sees you. I am empathetic by nature and by training. My role is help you notice things you do not see, things too close, things in your blind spot.

In Spiritual Direction, you have the freedom to explore questions about God, focus on your interior growth and wholeness, and find answers during times of trial and transition.

Usually conducted for 1 hour, once a month, it is a time devoted just to you. A time with someone fully present to you, listening.

You Would Benefit from Spiritual Direction if: 

  • You are in a season of transition.
  • You have experienced a great trauma or crisis.
  • You have lingering guilt you’d like to get rid of.
  • You feel God is distant or worse, disinterested in your life.
  • You are disappointed your life hasn’t turned out the way you thought it would.
  • You have questions you’re afraid to ask.
  • Your spiritual life is dry and stagnant.
  • You aren’t sure you believe in God anymore.

You Aren’t Alone:

Humans weren’t designed to journey through life alone. We were created for community, and companionship. Spiritual Direction is an enduring tradition of companionship that will lead you closer to understanding God, and closer to understanding your true self.

I have been under Spiritual Direction for over 20 years. I have benefited from the guidance I have received from someone who God has gifted with words and ideas I couldn’t have found alone. In my own life, I have journeyed through many trials and sufferings, often lonely and confused, but I was never alone. You can read about some of the losses and traumas I’ve been through here and here.

How to Get Started:

  1. Contact me to begin the conversation – use the confidential form.
  2. I will respond (usually within a few hours) to set up arrangements for our 30-minute initial conversation.
  3. You are free to discern our next step.

The initial conversation is my gift to you, so that we can determine if Spiritual Direction would be beneficial to you, and to see if we’re a good match. If you’d like to move forward after that, my rates are $100/session. I do offer discounts on a sliding scale and seasonal Spiritual Direction packages. Let me know if you have a need.

I am available for in-person direction, and meet with many people via remote sessions via Skype, Facetime, or telephone.

Technology has removed any issues of proximity. Click here for more information. Let’s get started!