Spiritual Director
Lisa Marion

DailyPAX is an online ministry offering spiritually challenging content, free resources, online courses, and Spiritual Direction. Lisa Marion is the voice of dailyPAX. For over 20 years, she has created and curated spiritual resources designed to help people find PEACE in the everyday moments of life, for she believes that PEACE is foundational for SPIRITUAL growth. Not the peace that is the absence of strife, rather the peace that is Shalom. The inner assurance that God can, and will make all things right.

An Oblate of Saint Andrew’s Abbey, in Valyermo, California, Lisa has been a Spiritual Director, retreat leader, and spiritual teacher in southern California for almost 30 years. She has now changed her gaze outward and seeks to bring her expertise the world.

Having experienced many seasons of trial and suffering, Lisa is well equipped to journey with others through their own trials and seasons of struggle. Her attunement to the Holy Spirit makes her uniquely gifted for this ministry – subscribe below, to join her grow community of those seeking peace and spiritual growth.

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