Lisa Marion

I’m Lisa Marion. I’m a Spiritual Director, speaker, retreat leader, and teacher. If you’ve come to this page, you probably are curious about me. So, here we go …


The Real Stuff is in the Story

I was an easy child and an average student. I always enjoyed the simplicity of being with friends and family. My childhood was about stories: telling stories, listening to stories, and retelling stories. Stories are important because they allow us to understand people within the context of their lives. I think this is why the stories of Christ have been a powerful force in my Spiritual growth. You can teach me about Jesus, his principles, and his theology, but the real stuff is in his story—who he was, how he treated people and how he responded to evil and suffering.

Sadness and Suffering

There is something constant in every chapter of my story – sadness and suffering. My earliest memories are of watching someone I love suffer. I believe this expanded within me a great capacity for empathy. I have traveled down dark and lonely roads, God and his comfort my constant companions. I have done a lot of internal work on these roads, it is because of this work that I am uniquely equipped to journey with you through your challenges.

I’m Still Standing

On my journey I have encountered almost every aspect of life. Before I was 10, I took on the role of “mother” while my own mother struggled through darkness too agonizing to understand. As a young wife I lost my home and worked to rebuild a life with a disabled husband. Together we raised five children into adulthood, and all the trials that accompany this season of life. I have almost lost a child.  I have a disabled adult child. I have buried my mother, a niece, and recently my husband. Within our extended family we have dealt with serious legal issues, cancer, chronic pain, alcoholism, drug abuse, mental health issues, murder, and suicide.

Nothing Scares Me

Having been in Pastoral Ministry for over 20 years, I bring a wide range of experience to my work as a  Spiritual Director and Retreat Leader. I have journeyed with people through eating disorders, cutting, miscarriages, post-abortion confusion, and mourning. I have stood with those who have buried their children. I can speak to grief, codependency, demonic activity and the runaway. I have worked with adult children of the mentally ill as well as with the adulterer and the widower. I have visited and loved those in jail, in hospitals and on hospice. I have ministered to the extremely poor and the exceedingly rich. I have dealt with wayward children and cried with terminally ill friends.

Education, Course Work, and Affiliationfinal-acts

I returned to school and finished my education later in life. I graduated Cum Laude from Vanguard University with a B.A. in Religion with Emphasis in Leadership and Ministry Development. I am Licensed Spiritual Director and Lay Minister in the Anglican Catholic Church, Diocese of the Holy Trinity. I have studied and taken independent course work in End of Life Care, Conflict Management, Spiritual Direction, and Parenting.  I am an Oblate of Saint Andrew’s Abbey in Valyermo, California. I have followed and lived under the Rule of St. Benedict for over a decade.

You Are Not Alone

Although I have experienced much sadness I remain a hope-filled, intuitive soul ready to journey with anyone who yearns for someone to be present and listen. I am able to go deep into painful and confusing places with you because I have gone deep into my own painful and confusing places. No one has to journey alone. If one is willing to reach out, there are others who are ready to help. I am one of those people.

Let’s Begin

Take a look around my site, take what is helpful and let me know what you need. I think on Spiritual things … a lot, perhaps you do too? I hope you’ve found something here that has helped you. If you’re interested in learning more about how peace is the answer to weariness, worry, and restlessness, subscribe to my email list below and find dailyPAX on social media! Let’s begin the conversation. I look forward to hearing from you. Keep seeking peace, it’s there to be found.