Over the last 25 years, I have lead hundreds of people through retreat experiences. Retreats are important because they:

  • Take us out of our daily routines.
  • Ask us to be still and attentive to ourselves and God
  • Push us out of our spiritual comfort zone, and they
  • Create space for the Holy Spirit to show up and reach us.
  • They’re also a lot of fun!

Life is chaotic, and retreats give us room to breathe, so that we return to our lives, refreshed and strengthened. You can read more about my thoughts on retreats here and here . I have also a list of tools that can help you find a retreat or retreat center near you. You can find that by clicking here.

I offer three types of retreats:

Weekend Retreats: traditional Friday evening to Sunday afternoon retreats. A time to unplug and tune into God, spending time with the less known part of yourself.

QuietDays: a smaller taste of a full weekend retreat, these QuietDays offer an easy opportunity to stop and reflect. They can be conducted at churches, community centers, or schools.

Private QuietDays: offered in your home, and lasting about 4 hours, a private retreat is a lovely, personal way to mark the beginning of something new, aid in a transition, or celebrate a new stage of life. Think: bridal shower, career promotion … the ideas are endless.

Are you interested in hosting a retreat? Are you looking for a leader? Here are some of the retreats I have lead:

  • How to Hear God
  • Experiencing the Love of God
  • Discovering and Using your Spiritual Gifts
  • Being Mary in a Martha World
  • Beginning to Pray
  • Living with Suffering
  • Sharing Our Stories
  • Holy Week – Rehearsal for Eternity

With over 40 retreats under my belt, let me craft your next retreat! I’m ready, if you are. Email me to get things rolling. [lisa at]