My Computer and My Mind


“Observed on the second Monday in February, this day is set aside to take some time out of your busy schedule to do needed care on your computers.”

I say how about a national day set aside to do needed care in your mind? Our minds, like computers, get clogged up with old files and memories that cause us to stay stuck in the past. We obsess over things we cannot change. Just like my computer, my mind holds on to unused files and programs that clog my memory and distract me.

I’m taking a few minutes today to clear out useless information and memories that are barriers in my pursuit of peace. 

4 thoughts on “My Computer and My Mind

    1. A friend Mike made an excellent suggestion:

      I’ve done an exercise like this before. At first I thought “this won’t do any good” but I gave it a shot. I made a list of things in my memories that still bothered me. Then made sure my slate was clean with the individuals involved, either desiring to forgive or asking to be forgiven. Then simply “repenting” and seeking forgiveness from God. Then I burned my list and imagined each piece of baggage going up in smoke. The result, you remember the lessons but clear your conscience. The past no longer weighs you down.

  1. I am a physical, kinetic person so I often have to do something physical. When I find myself obsessing on a thought, a shake my head and say to myself “Nope, I’m not going to go there anymore.” An intentional act of my WILL accompanied with a physical action works for me. > Shampoo > Rinse > Repeat

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