All Saint’s Dream

I haven’t had a dream of my mother in over 10 years – but she appeared to me last night in a quick dream. I don’ t remember much, it was more feelings and warmth – light, all sensory input without words. I remember her coming full in front of me – her face to mine. She looked fully into my face, her eyes looking straight into mine. She smiled, large and wide. No words, no message; just her open face, full of color and life. Warm colors and smells all around her. She was young and healthy, not a wrinkle nor gray hair. Soft locks of warm brown hair fell around her face – and her eyes – smiling. There was a whirl of motion, flowers and butterflies all around her – the movement so fresh and infused with life.

In all my other dreams we don’t make eye contact and she is always busy doing something else. Raking leaves or sitting at a switchboard – this dream consisted of nothing but eye contact and her face … she wasn’t doing anything just looking at me … what a blessing.

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