A is for Attitude, not Aptitude

A is for Attitude

When I talk about Spiritual Growth I’m always surprised at how many people say they don’t possess the aptitude for this type of endeavor. Some say they’ve tried many “self-improvement” régimes already. Some will claim to be extroverted and don’t believe they could be quiet enough for introspection or growth. Many people think Spiritual Growth is too complex to be understood. That Spiritual Growth is better suited for people like Thomas Merton or Henri Nouwen. Wrong, wrong, and more wrong.

The truth is we are ALL on a spiritual journey. For some the journey is of change and growth, for others the journey is of sameness and eventual stagnation. The question is not are you able to grow spiritually, but do you want to grow spiritually?

Are you willing to try things outside your comfort zone? Are you willing to set aside your assumptions about yourself, and others? Are you willing to admit that you are not the source of all knowledge? … of all wisdom? Are you willing to let go and try something new in order to grow?

What is required for growth? A seed already contains within itself all the information needed to mature into a tree. Yet the seed needs something outside of itself for growth to actually occur; water, nourishment, and sunshine. These are things the seed cannot supply itself. It is the same for Spiritual Growth. Deep inside each of us we are already have all the information needed to grow into our true self. But for that self to grow it also must be supplied with things it does not have; water, nourishment, and sunshine … of a different type.

During April I plan to share a whole alphabet full of ideas, tips, and tools for the Spiritual Journey. I hope you’ll join me and try a few of my suggestions. Don’t be afraid, don’t judge your aptitude, simply adjust your attitude and begin.

It’s been almost 30 years since I made this type of adjustment in my own attitude about my Spiritual Journey. Paradoxically, I have experienced great freedom in admitting that I needed something else – something outside of myself. As I adjusted my attitude and tried new things, growth happened. Although the change has been dramatic, I haven’t become a different person. I’ve simply become more of who I always intended to be – me.

Thought prompts are intend to give you ideas that will help you reflect on your spiritual journey in new and fruitful ways.  Feel free to share your responses in the comment box below each post or send me an email.

Thought Prompts: A – Attitude, not Aptitude

  1. What efforts have you already attempted for growth in your Spiritual Journey? Did they produce growth? Why or why not?
  2. What are your thoughts about the idea of having a “true self”? Are you acquainted with this part of yourself?
  3. After spending a few minutes thinking on your spiritual journey thus far, what word or phrase would describe your current state? Share your word below in the comment section if you are inclined.In Spiritual Growth

6 thoughts on “A is for Attitude, not Aptitude

  1. Great post to start off this series! I think it’s true–attitude is everything. Mine certainly needs work, as far as things spiritual go. My word would probably be detached, at the moment. I don’t think it’ll stay there forever, though. Poetry tends to jog loose the stuck bits. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing more of your A-to-Z series!

  2. Britt, I sure relate to your description. I’ve learned that sometimes that foggy feeling is really my mind, heart, and soul getting into sync with each other. I heard it said once that “The struggle was evidence of the success.” Interesting to ponder. Thanks for the comment.

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