Anglican Women

Anglican women have made significant contributions throughout history. This retreat takes an in depth look at the lives and ministries of three Anglican Women:

  1. Julian of Norwich, Mystic. Born in 1342 she wrote an account of the visions God gave to her. This book is called “Divine Revelations of Love,” which is believed to be the first book written in the English language by a woman.
  2. Charlotte Yonge, Writer. Born in 1823, began writing in 1848, and published during her long life about 160 works, chiefly novels. She was a member of the Oxford Movement, and subsidized many charitable works through her writing.
  3. Florence Nightingale, Founder of modern nursing. Born to a wealthy British family  in 1820 she was the first to utilize a pie chart in explaining statistics in healthcare, which helped her bring about many reforms that are still in use today.

Retreat participants are taken through individual and group exercises which highlight the contributions of these great Anglican women.  At the conclusion of the weekend the women are directed to examine their own gifts and spend some time in prayer seeking God’s direction for their own lives.

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