Finding PEACE in a Broken and Violent World

Here we go! Off-the-cuff, unedited, my thoughts on finding PEACE !!!

First question in my PEACE challenge addresses the issue of finding PEACE in a broken and violent world. Great question to start this challenge, as this is a struggle for many of us, given the state of affairs in the world, our country, and often right in our homes.

Contact me if you have a question about PEACE.

2 thoughts on “Finding PEACE in a Broken and Violent World

  1. Lovely, so succinct. It’s true, as one who studies history, I know the world has always been wrought with violence and hatred. Today’s media thrives on sensationalism, I just keep scrolling. The trick is staying calm amidst the storm. It’s certainly not easy, but your suggestions of filling the mind and heart with the things one loves and makes one happy is spot on.

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