Finding PEACE in a dead-end job!

As always, off-the-cuff and unedited, my thoughts on finding PEACE !!!

This question in my PEACE challenge addresses the issue of finding PEACE in a dead-end job. We’ve all been there, as tough as it can be the solution is worthy of our struggle.

Got a question about finding PEACE? I’m ready to take it on, email me with your question.

5 thoughts on “Finding PEACE in a dead-end job!

  1. Yes, Sarah. Well put. Our first inclination is to flee the pain, but if we don’t discover the real reason for the pain, it will simply follow us around.

  2. Lisa — I have been reflecting upon what you said about stability. I am praying and listening about what that means for me in my job. Some things are messy, some things look like they are unfixable so the questions arise — Do I stay? Are the winds shifting? Is it time to leave? Instead of letting the questions fuel anxiety, I decided to do my best (as far as is possible), but also to look into other opportunities. Thank you for giving me some perspective.

    1. Laurie, I love that you have made a decision NOT to let the uncertainty of the situation fuel anxiety. When we guard our hearts, we often can look at things a bit more objectively. Stability has at its core, FAITH. In that, for a time – you must trust you are exactly where you should be. And the question remains, what am I to be learning here? Praying you find answers.

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