cleanoffyourdeskdayObserved the second Monday of January, National Clean Off Your Desk Day gives you an opportunity to begin the new year with a clean and organized workspace. Promoters insist that “Having your workspace uncluttered, organized, refreshed and clean will help you work more efficiently and give you a sense of serenity.”

My desk is always a mess, yet, I know where things are. I have piles for different types of work that is grouped by theme; a pile for bills, a pile for taxes, a pile for things to read … so that when I have to deal with an issue, I know which pile to go to. A whole day to clean things off, well … that takes time, and besides I’m proud to boast I have a high “clutter tolerance.”

Although I CAN work this way, I know it isn’t best. When I do take the time to organize my desk, pick up the trash, and move the piles into folders or file drawers it does make things easier. I hate to admit it; but the clutter does impair my productivity.

My soul is the same way; over time, my inner space gets cluttered with unfinished thoughts and situations. Emotional piles of stuff laying all around. I can push through, insisting I’m fine, but this never leads to serenity. No, just like I must take time to clean off my workspace, I need to take time clean up my inner space, to think on things, journal about my feelings, and find some closure or direction.

I have discovered that I don’t have a high “emotional clutter tolerance.” I need regular times of retreat to sort through my internal piles of stuff. In the solitude, I am able to move forward through my inner untidiness.

I use a visual exercise for this type of uncluttering. It’s called “Reflection – Organizing the Past Year” Designed for a retreat, I’ve modified it for use during a simple one-hour time of reflection. As you work the exercise you will create a tangible representation of the past year, getting to organize the piles of your own emotional stuff. I’d love to share it with you. Subscribe to my site by clicking here, and I’ll send it over.

So, my friends, here’s to a new year, full of fresh beginnings. Take the time not only to clean up your workspace but more importantly, make time to uncluttered your heart too.


~ lisa

5 thoughts on “#CleanOffYourDeskDay

  1. For me, clutter is like static on the radio. So why do I tolerate it? I like the idea of dealing with emotional cutter too. Thanks for the reminder, Lisa. A clear space is freeing.

  2. I have a horrible tolerance for physical clutter in my office, which occasionally causes conflict with others who use that space. We’ve managed to contain the clutter in a box–small enough to be on the desk when it’s needed by one, and put away in a cupboard when it’s not needed by the other. In contrast, I have a fairly high tolerance for emotional clutter. Until I don’t. Ah yes, that is the challenge indeed. I’m working on that this year, too. Great post!

  3. Oh darn – I missed this day once again! While I love the idea of a clutter free environment, the fact that I rely on others to perform most tasks for me means my world has more clutter than I’d like. I need to be able to get to some things when others are not around, so piles within reach which resemble clutter are a part of life.

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