B is for Beginning ~ again

We’re full of excuses. Most of them based in fear.

Fear it won’t stick.

Fear of what will be discovered.

Fear it will be too hard.

Fear that God is disappointed.

Unknowingly, we cling to deep seated misconceptions about Spiritual Growth. Most of them tied to our inability to be – perfect.

Perfection is in our DNA. We were created to be perfect; to live in a perfect environment, in a perfect relationship with God.

The Fall of humankind has ruined this perfection. And we perpetuate the situation by our ongoing participation in our own brokenness. But we still crave perfection, we know it’s the goal.

Spiritual Growth is our pathway to a restored relationship with God. Beginning again, is a part of this pathway. Beginning again is also a large part of our lives. As if, God already knew we’d need opportunities to start over. Think of it:




New years.

All forms of beginnings again.

Yea, you put this off. Okay, you should have stuck with it. Sure, you’re afraid of what you’ll find. And yes, you might need to start over … so what? Stop beating yourself up. The need for perfection is yours, not His. Go ahead – don’t be afraid, welcome the opportunity to Begin Again.


3 thoughts on “B is for Beginning ~ again

  1. Sigh. This is where I am. Again. Feeling a little lazy and guilty and uncertain. I need your writing this month.

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