What Does PAX Mean?

Pax is Latin for peace. dailyPAX is about helping others find PEACE – everyday. I used to think that if I was OK and those around me were OK, then peace would follow. I worked hard to make this happen. The struggle to create peace brought its own tension.

There are many barriers to finding peace, the biggest one for me was not being able to reconcile what I knew about God with what was going on in my life.

Peace is a state of mind, a condition of the heart. If we welcome peace, it will grow within us. Sometimes peace will miraculously engulf us, but most days that isn’t the way it happens. Peace is not a passive thing, it requires action – pursuit. We must desire it, and then work to cultivate a space for it.

The English word peace is first found in “middle English.” It is defined as “the non-warring conditions of nations, and agreement or treaty, a state of mutual harmony between peoples. In its original usage it is akin to a ‘pact.’ It is the conditions of a call to set one’s goals and opinions aside and do what is right for the greater good.”

If I take this definition into my discussion of peace, I realized that I too, must make a “pact.” I need to set aside my goals and opinions for the greater good … of my soul. The conditions of this pact include humility, lowered defenses, realistic expectations, adjustment of will and a change in perceptions.

I have been actively pursuing peace for a long season. Although I still struggle I have found exercises, writings, and daily disciplines that have helped in my pursuit. With this website, dailyPAX, I hope to share what I have learned along my daily journey. I am a pilgrim like you, on a pathless path. I was thrilled to discover that many have traveled the same journey before us. There is much we can learn from them … and one another.

As you look around my site I hope you find something helpful, please take what you need and share. Feel free to contact me and let’s begin a conversation about how you can find PEACE, everyday!

~ lisa