Speaking Topics

Spiritual Growth

Benedictine Spirituality


Grief and Suffering

Spiritual Gifts


Lies, Labels, and Obstacles
Calls into consideration the Lies we’ve believed about our shortcomings, the Labels that have been placed on us, and other obstacles which prevent us from fulling understanding who we are in God’s view.

Lifting the Veil on Family History
Family History! How does birth order, family culture, and the effect of external forces inform our self-knowledge? What did our family of origin give us to help in developing an understanding of self? And how did they prevent this development?

Framing Your Story within His Story
Timeline-type exercise is utilized to identify people who have been an influence, and other who we might be called to influence. Focus is place on realizing God wants to use all his children in the ever-unfolding story of Redemption.

Spiritual Formation

Rule of Life

Slowing Down and Mindfulness