QuietDays of Reflection

QuietDays of Reflection can be conducted in a home or retreat center, but an office setting works as well. They can be crafted around any event, season, or theme. Below are a few QuietDays I have created for other groups. Contact me if you would like to schedule one. Visit my Events page for a current list of offerings that are open to anyone.

Mary in a Martha World
Our world rewards achievement and busy-ness. Yet this timeless story encourages pause and reflection. A perfect QuietDay in the anticipation of holidays or a busy season.

St. Teresa of Avila
Based on the writings and thoughts of St. Teresa, this QuietDay explores the importance of being content in ones life and the role of reflection in our Spiritual growth.

Designed to be conducted at the close of the year or a large project. Exercises are given that focus on Reflection and Anticipation.

Leadership and Benedictine Spirituality
A full day of examining the leadership tenants of the foundational elements of Benedictine Spirituality; Obedience, Stability, Conversion.

Spiritual Gifts
Conducted as a workshop, participants explore their Spiritual gifts and deepen their self awareness. Perfect event for team building and community strengthening.