Jesus didn’t teach us how to lead a balanced life. I often wish he would have; it might be easier to understand what we’re to do to find balance. I mean, he could have added another Beatitude to help us out: “Blessed are those who take the time for a), b), and c), for theirs is the blessing to find balance in their lives.”

No, like so many of the lessons found in the Gospel stories, Christ didn’t explicitly explain things; he taught by example. And we have plenty of examples of him pulling away from the demanding crowds to pray, seek strength, and to prepare himself for the demands of his life and ministry.

It is this type of withdrawal that refreshes us, creating space for God to speak. The space pulls us into a deeper understanding of ourselves and our relationship with God. Creating this space takes time and seldom happens by accident.

Our lives today are full of demands and distractions. That’s why in addition to offering physical retreats where you can join me for an afternoon or a weekend away, I have put together numerous SelfRetreats for your private use. Click here for more information on SelfRetreats